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Lib Dem MPs – Who will keep their pledge? 30/57 accounted for!

Wall of Shame – Outright Liars
Nick Clegg - Sheffield Hallam Norman Lamb - LIAR Vince Cable - LIAR   Danny Alexander John Hemming Don Foster - Bath Lorely Burt - Solihull Gordon Birtwistle - Burnley Mark Hunter - Cheadle Stephen Williams - Bristol West David Laws - Yeovil 

Keeping his promises? Lynne Featherstone Norman Baker - Lewes Chris Huhne - Eastleigh Simon Wright - Norwich  Mike Crockart - Edinburgh West 

Pledged to vote against the Coalition’s plans to raise fees and cut university budgets by 40%
Greg Mulholland - Leeds North West Ming Campbell - Keeping his word Jenny Willott - Cardiff Central Charles Kennedy Tim Farron - Westmorland and Lonsdale Mark Williams - Ceredigion Martin Horwood - Cheltenham Julian Huppert - Cambridge John Leech - Manchester Withington Mike Hancock - Portsmouth John Pugh - Southport Roger Williams - Brecon and RadnorBob Russell - Colchester

Unknown – we do not currently know whether they are proposing to keep their pledge
Alan Beith - Berwick upon Tweed

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David Laws – Yeovil

Not only going to break his pledge but also encouraging Nick Clegg to schedule the vote in parliament as quickly as possible to reduce the chance for a proper debate. Disgraceful lack of respect for the democratic process and the voters he made his “solemn promise” to.

“Laws has advised Clegg to secure parliamentary time as soon as possible, and is joined by another senior Lib Dem who urged the same approach. In an email to his regional whip, Norman Lamb, and Clegg, accidentally sent to this newspaper, Laws said: “We really need to get it out of the way ASAP.‬‪The sooner this is over the better!!!.”

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Stephen Williams – Bristol West

Reported by Tim Starkley to be breaking his pledge

But also said “the parliamentary party should hold a discussion to “see how we can all hold together”.

“If we could all agree to abstain, I would go along with that,” he said, adding that by the time the next election came, he hoped students would be more accepting of increased fees.” (


Mark Hunter – Cheadle

Apparently Tim Starkey has heard that he is now going against his pledge, although I can’t find this reported anywhere else.

As of 19/11/2010 Mark Hunter’s website still includes this quote. Wonder if this will be changed…

“Mark Hunter said, “I will fight to abolish Labour’s tuition fees and the unfair Council Tax. I will continue to demand the truth from Tony Blair about his war in Iraq. I also hope to speak up for our environment – which has been ignored by Conservative and Labour Governments.”

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Gordon Birtwistle – Burnley

Spouting rubbish about why cuts to H.E have to be made. What does Birtwistle know about international finance? Does he have any economics or finance knowledge at all? Doesn’t stop him making blatantly political statements such as this:

“He said: “Intellectually I do not believe that there should be an increase in fees but the country has no alternative as it’s bankrupt.

“Gordon Brown left us in this mess and now we have to look how to sort it out.”

Quoted in

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Roger Williams – Brecon and Radnor

“BRECON and Radnor MP Roger Williams this week pledged to oppose an increase in tuition fees, as set out in the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto.”

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John Pugh – Southport

Quoted as saying he will vote against the government’s proposals to raise tuition fees.

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